Spring is a popular time for engagement photos, and for a good reason. Even though love might keep us warm in the fall and winter, spring engagement sessions are something to look forward to. Spring brings sunshine, flowers in bloom, and bright colors to every outdoor space. As a professional photographer, you will also have a lot more options for trying out photography trends and experimenting with photography locations.

Since many couples get engaged around the holidays (November through February is called “proposal season” for a reason), spring is a great time to take engagement photos to celebrate the new season you and your partner have entered. Even if you have photos of the actual proposal, they probably came as a surprise and caught you off guard. So, to remember your upcoming wedding, it’s nice to have separate engagement photos taken. Since you can plan your engagement photos, we have put together a list of some of our favorite spring engagement photo ideas to help you come up with a plan for your shoot.


Early Spring Engagement Photo Inspirations:


Go for a flower field photoshoot

It’s not surprising that flowers are used in all the big moments of love in our lives, like proposing, giving a special gift to a loved one, or getting married. Flowers always seem to do the trick, whether it’s a trail of rose petals leading to your lover on one knee with the biggest smile on his face or a bouquet sent by your lover with the words “Yours truly, forever!” written on it. So, when you want to ask the love of your life to marry you, you want beautiful flowers in the background. If you want to ask that important question while being surrounded by the sweet smell of flowers and a kaleidoscope of colors, go for a flower field engagement photoshoot while scouting out a good photography location. For instance, every spring, people in Texas wait for the bluebonnets to bloom. Most of the time, they bloom in March or April and only last a few weeks.


Architectural backdrop

Do your couples like Gothic buildings, or did they ask you to include Disney-style castles in their engagement photos to show how much they love the fantasy world? No matter what the request is, taking engagement photos that are inspired by architecture is a great way to give your pictures a unique look. Adding a striking piece of architecture to your couple’s photos could give them a classy feel. For example, you could show off beautiful arches or take pictures of your couples against beautiful stone-engraved stairs. Or your spring engagement photos can show your heritage and the area where you live. And the good news is that you don’t have to use famous buildings to take a great picture. Just use any interesting architecture you find at the location of the couple’s engagement session. Especially if you are clicking on a rainy day, architectural elements can be magical for your photos.


Mix and match colors

Professional photographer attire is a must and the same applies to your subject. Instead of matching engagement wardrobes, try to wear clothes that go well together. Wear colors that go well together, and don’t wait until the last minute to decide what to wear. If you need to go shopping, make plans ahead of time! Instead of wearing outfits that are too similar, you can also choose engagement suits featuring colors that go well together. Pastel colors are always a good choice for spring, but you can also go for bold colors like burgundy and mustard.


Go with the flow

Help each other warm up if it gets cold during your spring engagement session or cool down in case you are shooting on a sunny day. You can lovingly lift up your partner or embrace each other lovingly and find ways to add movement to your engagement photos so that they feel natural, as opposed to stiff and forced.


Use the Golden Hour’s warmth

When engagement photos are taken in the golden hour, the hour just before sunset, they have a glow of love and sunshine. Golden hour engagement photos are magical. Getting back to basics: The golden hour is when the sun is close to the horizon. Because of this, the sky lights up with warm colors, and the light is spread out, which makes it a great time to take pictures in most styles. One of the best things about golden hour photography is that you won’t have to deal with harsh light like you will almost every day in the middle of the day. Another benefit of the sun being low on the horizon is that it will cast soft, long shadows on your couple which will be beneficial for your photography lighting. All of these things make for more attractive engagement portrait photography. This type of lighting is amazing because it happens naturally, and unless it’s cloudy or foggy, you won’t be able to see it for most of the day.


Don’t forget the beauty a city has to offer

Take a stroll through your neighborhood and take the couple with you. Skyscrapers have shiny, beautiful surfaces that reflect light and add fun metallic colors to pictures at any time of year. And metallics go with any outfit. For instance, blues and greens in the background can make your engagement photos more interesting, but without being overpowering. For all the city dwellers, you can ask them to hop on the train or catch a cab and take the front seat to click amazing cityscape engagement photos.


At-home engagement shoot

Sometimes, all you need for a sweet and natural photo is the comfort of your own home! To keep it from looking fake, try to remember how the couple feels when they are alone. At first, it may be hard, but ask them to forget that their photographer is in the room. Make your photography clients comfortable with icebreaker tips so that they don’t feel your presence around them and can be as natural as possible. Most couples don’t even think about taking photos in the comfort of their own home. When you have your engagement photo session in a place where you feel at ease, the photos are more relaxed, personal, and unique to each couple. It can be fun to pick an activity like cooking together in the kitchen, drinking coffee together, decorating a Christmas tree, or even cuddling up in bed or on the couch with a blanket.


Cherry blossom

It’s hard to know when the pretty pink and white flowers of cherry blossom trees will bloom, but Mother Nature gives hints in the winter. For instance, you can head to the Tidal Basin in Washington DC during peak cherry blossom season for a dreamy experience. The gorgeous parks blooming with cherry blossoms around the country can be completely magical for a springtime engagement session. You can make a list of the best cherry blossom sightings during your photography off-season before the peak season starts to prepare better.


Appropriate engagement outfits 

Ask your clients to wear spring engagement outfits that make them feel like themselves. Suppose they are not used to high heels, there is no need to wear them. The most important thing is that a person looks like themselves and feels comfortable. When they wear clothes they really like, they will feel good about themselves and the spring engagement photos will show that.


Think like the couple

Try to make everything look good together, but don’t make everything match. Choosing three colors and adding a pattern to break up the solids works really well. The great thing about layers is that you can add and take away things to make a different look. Putting on a jacket or switching shoes can make a big difference in how you look and give your pictures more variety. If it’s cold, wear warm clothes or wrap yourself in a blanket between shots. Pick cool accessories that show off who you are. Layering can help you stay warm in the spring, and it can also give you more than one look for your engagement session. Putting on or taking off a jacket is a quick way to change clothes. Wearing a fun floral print is another way to be proud that you took photos in spring or to remember the season years from now. It’s also a beautiful way to add a splash of color to your engagement outfit.


Avoid beach crowds

During the summer, most beaches are full of people. When you take spring engagement photos on the beach, you don’t have to worry about people getting in the way, either in the background or in your favorite spot on the sand. Beaches have always had a romantic feel to them. Maybe it’s the sunsets that make you want to swoon, the sound of the waves kissing the shore, or the way the sea mist caresses your face. No matter what, these beautiful places where the sea meets the land are some of the most popular places to ask the big question. Couples from all over the world go to beach destinations to relax and get back together. Hence going for a beach engagement session is a perfect way to make healthy and romantic memories that will last a lifetime. Beaches give you a lot of room to get creative with your proposal, and they are also the perfect place to take beautiful engagement photos that you can show your family and friends.


Choose a meaningful engagement location

Ask your client to choose a place that means something to both of them, or choose a place that is unique or cool and will mean something to them after the proposal! A place that is important to the couple will never be out of style or out of season. This could be the college where they met or the area where they lived together in their first apartment. Perhaps the couple has a favorite hike, beach spot, or city park. Picking something that means something to both of them will make the proposal even more special! If you choose a place they have never been but know the fiancé would love, it will always be remembered as the place where “she got asked to marry” and will have meaning from that day on.

If you are a couple who has decided to get married this spring, you will love our list! We chose our favorite spring engagement photo ideas that are full of love, sunshine, and happiness. So, flowers, bulbs, and fresh greenery like tulips, cherry blossoms, fresh blooms, and green grass will help you show that it’s spring and get a great background at the same time. A spring picnic is a great way to have fun and get some cool pictures. Do you want something different? Take a boat or a few bikes and have fun with your friends or family. Look at the engagement photo ideas to get inspired, read the tips, and get ready for your engagement session.

In the season of spring, you can expect a lot of engagement photos taken. Most engaged couples still choose to get married in the summer, so it makes a lot of sense to have their engagement photos taken in the spring so they can get them in time for the wedding. If you are inspired by nature and love everything about spring, you should talk to your professional wedding photographer as soon as possible to set a date for your spring engagement session.

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