Welcome to the Orion Photo Group Podcast!

Tune in for expert advice, photography success stories, our best tips and tricks and more!

Welcome to the Orion Photo Group Podcast

Expanding Perspectives: Ryan Stardrell's Transformation through Travel and Photography

Join Jason as he engages in a fun conversation with Ryan, a wedding photographer from Northeast Ohio, currently based in Cleveland. Ryan talks about his inspirational journey of getting into the world of photography by being a back-end guy at Photo Studio, editing, and retouching, and being inspired to venture into photography. Ryan and Jason chat about the diverse cultures while living in London and Madrid and the impact it had on Ryan's perspective, and his creative work. Ryan also touches on the importance of preserving raw images, his preferred photography gear, and the creative impact of using flash. Tune in to get to know Ryan, a treasured addition to our OPG family, and his inspiring experiences and expertise!   Know someone who would love to shoot with us? Have them join the team here: https://www.orionphotogroup.com/career/   To share your own stories and add to the conversation, join our OPG Talent Facebook page or send them in to [email protected].

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