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Welcome to the Orion Photo Group Podcast

Tips and Tricks: Crafting Intimate Tales: The Fine Art of Small Wedding Photography

In this episode of OPG's Tips and Tricks, Jason talks about the enchanting world of small wedding photography and the magic and challenges of capturing love on a more intimate scale. Discover how to spotlight every delicate detail and authentic moment, portraying the unique story of each couple with grace and creativity. We delve into the nuances of shooting in close, personal settings, emphasizing the importance of preserving the special atmosphere that defines small celebrations. Tune in to learn more about the emotive power of small wedding storytelling.    Know someone who would love to shoot with us? Have them join the team here: https://www.orionphotogroup.com/career/   To share your own stories and add to the conversation, join our OPG Talent Facebook page or send them in to [email protected]

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