Welcome to the Orion Photo Group Podcast!

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Welcome to the Orion Photo Group Podcast

Orion Photo Group Success Story - JaQuayla Hodge

This episode’s very special guest is JaQuayla Hodge! Born in New York and raised in Richmond, Virginia, JaQuayla has been shooting weddings for 5 years and has shot over 80 weddings. In her chat with Jason, JaQuayla talks about being associated with OPG for over 4 years, learning about relaxing the couples, and paying attention to the details of the wedding day! Listen in to know more about JaQuayla’s insight on starting as an associate photographer to being a lead photographer and having a positive approach to feedback, along with many insightful tips.    Know someone who would love to shoot with us? Have them join the team here: https://www.orionphotogroup.com/career/    

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