Welcome to the Orion Photo Group Podcast!

Tune in for expert advice, photography success stories, our best tips and tricks and more!

Welcome to the Orion Photo Group Podcast

Tips And Tricks: Behind The Lens With Christine Semmler - Tales Of Photography And Perseverance

Join Jason as he engages in a fun conversation with Christine, a wedding photographer based in Chelsea, Michigan, and working in the Detroit area. In this engaging conversation, Christine, we delve into tales from the wedding front lines and navigating peak seasons alongside personal upheavals like moving. 8 years into photography, Christine talks about joining OPG 5 years back, shooting different cultural weddings, unique gigs like photographing leisurely horses and she also shares lighting tips and mentor acknowledgments. Tune in to get to know Christine, a treasured addition to our OPG family, and his inspiring experiences and expertise! Know someone who would love to shoot with us? Have them join the team here: https://www.orionphotogroup.com/career/ To share your own stories and add to the conversation, join our OPG Talent Facebook page or send them into [email protected].

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