Most of us are now enjoying some long daylight hours, and that means more play time for us at our events! I love having the ability to shoot well into the evening and using that extra daylight time to capture great shots of clients. For this month’s tip, I want to challenge you to find that great backlight!


For your next shoot, scout out where that nice afternoon will be coming from. There are some awesome apps out there that will help you find the direction of where the sun will be setting. Once you have found a great spot, try to determine the best time of day to grab your B&G for some distinctive, dramatic images your clients will never forget!


Before you set out to do this, I highly recommend you practice this technique. There are a lot of ways to do this, one is to simply expose your subjects’ faces and let the highlights behind them blow out. Another easy way to get some light on them is to use a reflector! Finally, if you have the time, try some off-camera lighting! Either way, make sure you spend some time nailing down this technique. You don’t want to disappoint your clients when you pull them out of the reception, aim for that beautiful sunset shot they’ll remember forever!


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