Let’s be honest, as a wedding photographer, it is imperative that you capture every moment of the wedding day. From taking photos of the wedding to ensuring that all wedding guests are photographed, you will also need to ensure that you take great photos of the bride and groom, not only together but separately too. Although taking photos of the wedding party can be easy to manage, taking portraits of the groom and the bride could take a while. However, if you have an idea and some tips that you follow as a rule of thumb, you will find that taking portraits is one of the easiest things.

You will, most likely, find a bunch of blogs, videos, and how-to guides on how to take photos of brides and bridesmaids, but tips on taking groomsmen photos are somewhat of a rarity. In today’s blog, we will address the bigger question, how to take photos of groomsmen! Most of the blogs will focus on groomsmen’s photos only. However, toward the end, we will throw in some poses that are super easy to work with both grooms and groomsmen.

Groomsmen Portraits Are Easier to Take Than You Think! 

Let’s kick this blog off with some of the easiest and most approved photo pose ideas that you can use.

1. In Their Element 

When it comes to capturing the boys, paying attention to their “natural” self is crucial. Although taking posed photos, and asking them to square up their shoulders is a great way to take photos, there’s something mesmerizing about capturing them in their natural elements. Yes, we know we used the phrase “natural element” one too many times in the previous paragraph, but here’s what we mean: Let them be as they are. Take candid photos. One of the best forms of photography, in our opinion, that captures the essence of a person’s personality is a candid photo. From getting ready photos to them simply looking at the groom with warmth and smiles, these are the kinds of photos you should take. A groomsman is close to the groom and the bride, and chances are candid photos will help you capture some of the best emotions. The key to a successful wedding photography assignment is to capture as many photos as you can with genuine emotions. Sure, we all love smiles and poised photos, but there’s always a special place for such photos. Make sure that you time your photos well and that your camera captures the emotion in the photo.

2. Transitions are the Spice You Need! 

We understand taking posed photos at every event of the wedding can be stagnant. And that tells us, it is not only stagnant for you but also for the couple you’re capturing these moments for. Now, to avoid this, all you need is to ensure that you keep an eye out for transitions. Transition photos are simple and easy too. All you need to do is ensure you plan your wedding photography shots well. All you need to do is take shots from angles that change the setting. Since most of the wedding photos are static, switch it up with transitions! When the groomsmen are walking down the stairs, when one of them fixes the crooked tie, when the groomsmen are walking together, or when they are all dancing, these are the kind of photos you should take. Just like you’d capture the bride and groom in motion, you need the photos for the groomsmen too.

3. Formal Shots 

Another way to take amazing photos of the groomsmen so that they and the couple can remember the day as clearly as it was when it happened, is to take formal photos. When we say formal photos, we do not mean “headshots” like professionals. Just ask the boys to group together and hit a few poses together. One of the best ways to do this seamlessly is to show them the pose instead of explaining it to them. For example, for group photos of the groomsmen, you can show them how to cross their arms, or how to strike a side pose. In addition to this, you can also show them how to pose for solo groomsmen portraits. Showing, instead of telling them, is always a great way to ensure that the photos turn out well.

4. The Getting Ready Shots 

Now, let’s talk about one of the most important parts of the day. For groomsmen, it is the time they spend with their buddy who is about to get married. These moments are precious. Not only are the boys a part of the amazing day, but will be one of the core memories. Be it for the groom or the groomsmen, this is the only part of their day when all of them get together and have a great time together. That said, make sure that you get these shots.

Here’s a short list to help you get started:

1. Make sure you get the photos of the whole gang simply chilling in the dressing room. After putting on their outfits, and before leaving, most of the grooms and groomsmen sit down and chat. You can find a good vantage point, and simply take photos of them as they sit down, have a chat, or are simply enjoying each other’s company.

2. Some grooms and groomsmen after getting dressed have a cigar or two, or a few drinks before they get the day started, you can use that to take some wholesome photos. Usually, the boys are candid in such situations. You will be able to capture their genuine emotions.

3. As for the getting ready part, make sure you get the photos of the boys helping the groom and each other. Even if everyone is getting dressed on their own, you can direct the photos that way. Ask the groomsmen to lend their buddy a hand and click away! Wondering where to get started? Here are some ideas that can help you out:

a. Checking Cufflinks

b. Tying the Tie

c. Adjusting the Waistcoat

5. The Mirror Shots 

One of the best ways to get your groomsmen shots is to have them pose in front of the mirror. Since this is a “no-fuss” kind of pose, the groomsmen will not have a tough time getting ready with the poses. Look at the mirror, fix your collar or tie, and be you – that’s all you need to tell them. These are easy-to-follow directions and what’s more, these photos are another form of candid photos, which will bring out the essence of the groomsmen. This idea works for both portraits and group shots. Speaking of mirror shots, let’s not forget the “We’re ready” kind of photo shoot. Since you will capture the getting ready parts, make sure that you take a photo of the group or solo photos of the groomsmen which exudes “ready for the day.” These photos have a charming quality, which your clients will greatly appreciate.

6. Goofy Photos 

Well, we saved the best for the last! This is something you probably will not even have to work too much on, as in for the giving some directions part. You can have your clients’ groomsmen have free rein over this aspect of the photo session. You can divide this segment of the photo session, you can have the groomsmen work out some amazing goofy faces and poses. You can come up with some creative photo ideas for your groomsmen to try. Think of asking them to act surprised with the ring in their hands, or boys proposing to each other with a funny expression, or even the boys looking to try out a “first look” photo with their best boys! The choices are endless!

Groom and Groomsmen Photos: Ideas You Can Use 

Apart from just the groomsmen posing for photos, you can also have the groom be a part of the photos. Sure enough, there are plenty of ideas to try with them, but we’d like to bring some ideas to your attention:

1. Think of adding the groom into the fun and goofy photos with the groomsmen. This way the entire group can have some photos that they can look at and crack jokes in a few year’s time.

2. You can also ask your groom to be a part of the transition photos. You can section them into grooms, with the groom taking center stage and the group trailing behind him.

3. Another inspiring idea to use is the “Reservoir Dogs” pose. The iconic movie’s iconic photo will give your clients something amazing to look at.

4. You can also think of some iconic pop culture references, and have your clients try that. For example, The Beatles Walk is a great pose idea for a photo!

5. Capture candid photos of the groom with their groomsmen as well.

These ideas will help you include your wedding assignment’s groom and their groomsmen in photos. Always remember these photos will be cherished by them for years to come, which is why capturing beautiful moments is crucial.

Some Tips to Follow 

Before we leave you to your ideas, we’d like to put a few things out there. These additional tips will help you master taking amazing portraits not just of the groom and groomsmen, but also for just about any portrait session:

1. Always remember to consider the personality of the subjects. Make sure that your keen eye helps you accentuate the quirky qualities and traits of the subjects.

2. For wedding assignments, when you’re photographing the groom and groomsmen, make sure you look at the wedding program and timeline. Since you will have many things to do that day, keeping a check on timelines will help. Also, if you’re working with a second shooter, make them utilize the time by having them take photos of the wedding details and decor.

3. Before you start shooting, always ask what your clients are looking for. No matter what the answer is, you will get an idea of what kind of photos they are expecting. Even if you try some amazing tried-and-tested wedding photo ideas, make sure that you include the ideas that your clients want.

And with that, we’re at the end of our blog! We are sure that with the right tips and tricks, and some practice, taking photos of the grooms will be an easy task! Make sure that apart from following the guide and tips above, you remember to follow your gut as well.

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