I have a love/hate relationship with detail shots. On one hand, I love the creativity you have when it comes to them; on the other hand, we never get enough time to do them. Many times we don’t have access to some of the details, and of course, if you don’t get shots of the clothes and shoes, you can’t ask them to take them off.


That said, having a good game plan to shoot details always helps, but learning to get flexible and creative is the name of the game. 


Here’s how I handle detail shots:


  • As soon as I walk in the door (whether I am with the Bridal party, the Groomsmen, or any combo of these), I will ask for any items that they would like to be photographed. I do this first because typically that begins a scurry to locate all of these items. From there, I can find an easy place to photograph everything they have given me. These are not super creative shots, it’s just coverage in case I don’t have time for anything else.


  • Once I’ve “covered” these items, I start to look around for those creative ideas (given time). Is there a nice place to hang the dress? Fun spot to put the shoes and/or rings? 


Quick tip: Always travel with your own hangar, because dry cleaner wire hangers will look horrible. 


  • Details do not need to be exclusively done during the getting ready part of the day. Challenge yourself to take any free time you have to “work” new ideas! I love shooting “live” details on people and framing close-ups for things like rings and shoes. There’s always time at the end of the day to find some creativity.
  • Finally, the best lens for details is, of course, a macro lens. Typically, these can run from $400-1500, but if you don’t have one – it’s fine! You’ll also need to get creative in your compositions to include the details you want. Use elements like flowers or shoes to create a nice composition when photographing rings and vice versa! Details are also the best way to elevate your portfolio, nothing says high-end photography than great detail shots! You don’t need a million-dollar ring to make it look like one! 🙂  


Good luck and get creative!

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