The world is changing at an exponential speed, and photography is catching up with it rapidly. As new values, behaviors, memes, and catchphrases are drastically shaking things up and crystalizing into new cultural trends, almost every trend is changing. Every year there is something new and trendy in the field of photography, and this year also, photography is turning yet another twist. Away from all the pastel colors, the vanity of selfies, and the influence of macro-influencers, this year the photography styles that are trending are all about minimalism and diversity. So, if you want to stay updated with all the latest and trending photography styles, we have compiled a list of a few types of photography that are currently trending.

Abstract Photography

Also known as conceptual, concrete, or experimental photography, abstract photography is a genre that is a bit difficult to define, especially in a single word or even in a sentence. If a professional photographer whose photography style is Abstract photography, then his or her photographs will often use color, light, shadow, texture, shape, or form to imbue a feeling, a sensation, or even an impression, and that too without even actually offering a representational image of the object or any kind of scene that is being photographed by a professional photographer. 

Photographs that usually fit into the genre of abstract photography are not instantly associated with a familiar object in the viewer’s eye as they are created by isolating a particular object or natural scene in a way that gracefully removes contextual details from the image and makes it one-of-a-kind. Photographs captured under abstract photography are shots that are created simply by framing the subject in a creative way or through image editing afterward. 

Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography is very much self-explanatory in comparison to abstract photography. In adventure photography, the photographer gets the opportunity to capture images of adventure, usually in the great outdoors. Outdoor photography does offer great opportunities to capture mind-blowing adventure-inspired photographs. It is always a delight for professional photographers to capture adventure, especially when newly engaged couples choose to have adventure-inspired professional photography sessions. 

Adventure photography features whimsical and extremely beautiful landscape shots, adventurous travelers, and challenging shooting conditions such as accessibility to particular locations and shifting weather conditions while taking beautiful photographs outside in the natural golden glow of the sun. If you want a perfect adventure shot to add to your photography portfolio, try lugging your camera gear into the remote, and look for a rugged location as it offers an additional challenge for adventure photographers to document fantastic natural landscape shots. If we talk about the adventurous activities photographers of this niche genre are very family and comfortable consisting of hiking, biking, backpacking, and camping with gear.

Architectural Photography

Another self-explanatory, and trendy photography these days is architectural photography. Talking about architectural photography is a kind of photography when the main subject of the photograph is a building’s exterior or beautiful interior. Photographs captured under architectural photography tend to be extremely pretty as they offer accurate representations of the construction that are taken in a way that is also very much pleasing and appealing to the eyes of the viewer. 

Exteriors shots captured under architectural photography usually take place in the daylight as the natural light of the sun offers great photography opportunities that are nothing but extremely beautiful and appealing. Apart from daylight, the exterior shots also include the nearby landscaping of the building to create a perfect backdrop. It is not mandatory to capture architecture shots, it has to be in broad daylight, these shots can also be shot at night using ambient lighting from street lights, nearby landscape, or the natural moonlight. Whereas, interior shots can be complementary to the exterior shots as they depict a particular architectural style or they can also be used as standalone photographs. 

When it comes to architectural photography, the key aspect is perspective control. Perspective control is very much important in this niche of photography due to the sheer size of most buildings that are supposed to be photographed by professional photographers. As a matter of fact, the world’s oldest surviving photograph is an architectural photograph that was taken somewhere in 1826 or 1827, making architectural photography one of the first genres of established photography. With the change in current photography trends, there are various architectural trends that have shifted as buildings of different styles are being erected all around the world, giving professional photographers something really unique to delve deep into this niche, while focusing all their efforts on a specific architectural style which majorly includes Contemporary, Tudor, Postmodern, Gothic, Classical, Victorian, and beyond. 


Astrophotography is all about taking photos of astronomical objects like stars, planets, meteors, and other celestial events like lunar or solar eclipses and other phenomena of the night sky falling under the spacey umbrella of lovely beautiful astrophotography. Talking astrophotography, then it has revolutionized the field of professional astronomical research as long-time exposures made it possible to record images of beautiful stars, and awe-inspiring nebulae that are otherwise invisible to the naked human eye. Astrophotography is just so magical and whimsical that it can make anyone go wow with beautiful photographs. Well, eventually, optical telescopes were specially created to record light while using photographic plates, essentially functioning like huge/giant cameras. 

When it comes to astrophotography, professional photographers can use both film and digital cameras with long-time exposure functions to capture this kind of beautiful picture as light photos are able to accumulate over time. There are certain special equipment and techniques, which are very much essential when it comes to capturing the details of the celestial bodies. In short, getting into astrophotography is no joke. It is indeed a work of great creativity.

The unique requirement for particular conditions and special equipment is needed in astrophotography. Astrophotography is typically a subsection of amateur astronomy. Well, photographers who are very much passionate about the night sky do also manage to get the best of the shots just by getting the right equipment, using the correct camera settings, and learning a few special techniques! Equipment like tripods, telescopes, fixed wide-angle photographic lens cameras, tracking mounts, imaging sensors, and post-processing tools, are some of the much-needed photography equipment which is required in order to capture stunning astrophotographs.

Black and White Photography

These days black and white (B&W) photography is so in trend. The photographs with no color are creating a huge sensation all over, especially on social media platforms, like Instagram. Capturing a beautiful black and white image is no such rocket science, as this can be either done through managing the setting of the camera or simply through editing a color photo afterward. All the monochrome images that use a minimal amount of lighting usually fall under the category of black and white photography. 

If we look back in photography history, when the photography technology first began, the majority of photographs captured by professional photographers were either black and white or in varying beautiful shades of sepia. When it comes to capturing classic, timeless, and elegant shots, black and white photography is highly considered fine art photography, especially these days! Various art films and other motion pictures are sometimes using black and white aesthetics, in order to bring in a nostalgic or vintage vibe to the overall pictures. 

Candid Photography 

Candid photography is all these days, after all, everyone wants at least one perfect candid photo to post on their social media. Candid photographs are in fashion these days, without any doubt. Candid photography is all about removing the posed aspect from the photography equation, while the photographer prefers to take shots of people in motion, spontaneously, or by surprise. When a professional photographer is focused on capturing a candid photo, he or she aims to capture subjects in a natural state, without the need to direct or ask them to pose to get the right image with the perfect frame. This simply does not mean that the subject is not aware that their photos are being photographed, but still, consent is very much needed for photographers to be able to use those photos for any further use. A candid photo usually captures the authentic scenes, reactions, and beautiful facial expressions of people in their most comfortable moments. 

If we talk about candid photography, then secret photography is considered a subset of it. Secret photography is a type of photography where the subjects are completely unaware of their photographs being captured. Due to its unobtrusive nature, when it comes to candid photography, this professional photography trend tends to use small equipment that is often discreet in order not to disturb or distract the subject when documenting them. When we talk about candid photography, flash photography is not so common. Candid photography is capturing the moment in its raw state, whereas the use of flash in candid photography is avoided as it draws the attention and at times can cause subjects to alter their behavior towards a less natural, and more controlled position. 

Cityscape Photography

Cityscape photography is all about capturing the urban vibe of any city in the best possible way and making viewers feel the beauty of the city through photographs. From capturing the whimsical urban counterpart of a city to a lovely landscape, cityscape photography is all about capturing the images of the city skyline or sections of a metropolis in the best possible way! For cityscape photography, photographers can make use of the daylight or even lights during the night which also brings out the best of the photos of a city. To have the best cityscape shot, a photographer needs to have wide-angle lenses, but telephoto lenses also come in handy for cityscape photography as they also allow photographers to capture a smaller area of the city. To avoid the shake blur or the haziness, a tripod can come into action, as you need proper support in order to capture the beautiful views of the city.

Talking cityscape photography, then it is a versatile genre of photography that can be documented at any time of the day from different locations. Higher elevations, like rooftops, or top floors of high-rises, and less-dense areas like waterfront promenades, do offer lots of options to photographers to capture mind-blowing cityscape shots. Playing around with the different times of the day does offer ample photography opportunities to document a beautiful cityscape. The whimsical golden hour or the magical blue hour, and everywhere in between indeed offers great possibilities to capture soulful cityscape shots with the best settings. 

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is circled around for commercial use. Commercial photography is usually done to promote or sell a product or service. Professional photographers are specially hired to capture commercial photographs of the product which can be used in market collateral like brochures, menus, pamphlets, and beyond. Photos of services can be staged using models or staff for a better frame. Well, food photography, fashion photography, and product photography at times double as commercial photography. Even headshots are another very popular piece of the puzzle in the commercial photography genre. 

When it comes to commercial photography, confirming the type and the number of shots, along with figuring out all the must-have shots versus nice-to-haves, will surely ensure that a commissioned professional photographer can deliver what their client needs. 

Composite Photography

There are certain types of professional photography that are created by combining multiple images in order to create one composite picture. Taking composite photography does require post-processing and editing of two or more shots in order to produce a layered shot that still looks cohesive. 

In composite photography, separate pictures are perfectly blended just by using layers, masks, and blurs to create a whole large composite picture. Montage of photos, where a scene is being captured in small chunks and then combined together to make one big picture, and multiplicity, in which a person or a subject is being captured multiple times in the same scene, are all documented in order to create a composite picture. 

Focus stacking, where a scene is captured from different angles or points of focus and then blended into one, is another technique used to create a large depth of field. These types of photographs captured by professional photographers can result in unique, artistic, and editorial images that are incredibly creative and often very striking and a treat to look at. 

Drone Photography

Drone photography is not only new but is also a popular photography trend these days. Also known as aerial photography, this style of photography captures beautiful scenes from high in the sky. Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), usually referred to as drones, allows professional photographers to capture shots remotely and also automatically.

However, many countries have strict regulations as to where drones can be flown so being aware of these is an important part of getting a good image without running into problems. Beyond selling aerial shots for artistic and commercial use, this type of photography is also employed in cartography to create maps, archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, an inspection of power lines, other surveillance, and more.

Double-Exposure Photography

This kind of photography is created by merging two images and making them into one. These days modern digital cameras now come with a setting that allows photographers to capture multiple exposures. Photo editing software like Photoshop allows photographers to get this amazing effect much simpler than film. 

Every day there is some new trend in every field. Well, the above-mentioned photography trends are currently trending like anything and we believe that they are going to stay here for a while!

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