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About the Program

Elevate your filmmaking with these creative obstruction techniques. Make boring framing more interesting!

What You'll Learn

  • Ideas for unique shots and framing
  • Create interesting perspectives
Amber and Garrette Baird Amber and Garrette Baird

With more than 15 years of experience and over 600 cinematic weddings, they launched Eyenamics to the consumer and Gear Glasses and Gadgets to the professional. Their balance as a couple insure creativity to capture and present those powerful moments. With their multifaceted approach of being analytical and emotional, these seasoned pros have been sought after to provide education for filmmakers at conferences such as WPPI, PhotoPlus Expo and beyond.

Elevating their craft and contributing to the industry, Garrette & Amber are the ones to watch as they push boundaries in wildly innovative ways, delivering wow factor to every film they create.

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