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Orion Photo Group
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What our talent community says about us.

Working with Orion Photo Group has been a tremendous learning experience! Meeting new and DIFFERENT clients every week has really improved my skills in catering to various environments and occasions.

I have been shooting weddings with OPG for about 10 years. Coming onboard is very simple and straightforward: no drawn-out procedure of jumping hoops or tedious questions. Getting paid is also very simple with direct deposit. It's a no-brainer!

The top two reasons I enjoy shooting with OPG: First, I love connecting and networking with other professionals in the industry. Second, I love being able to photograph and be creative without the burden of editing.

I love working with Orion Photo Group! Everyone is kind, helpful, and responsive. They’re very flexible with our schedule!

Having been a freelancer with OPG for over a decade, I’m thrilled by the flexibility they provide as well as the opportunity to consistently expand my skills and portfolio!

OPG offers competitive pay and schedule flexibility. I particularly like the upscale weddings they book for the photographers, which allows for excellent portfolio building.

Working with OPG has been life changing for me. It frees up my time since I don’t have to worry about the admin part of wedding photography, it gives me more time with my family!

The best part about Orion Photo Group is how simple and effective the sessions are! I enjoy these sessions so much because it forces me to act swiftly and be creative within a small time frame. I love that!

I’ve been with OPG since 2014. I love working with them because I never have to wait for emails regarding my assignment details. I can access everything I need from the talent portal!

I love not having to edit any of my photos! It's the most simple task for any photographer, just upload your photos onto a hard drive and send them in! How simple is that?