One of the biggest questions that we photographers are being asked by our clients is what they should bring to their engagement session. Engagement sessions are supposed to be a fun celebration as it is a special time for couples who are soon going to step into a new chapter of their lives. It is always great when couples bring their own props for their photography session. Bringing props to the professional engagement photography session is indeed a great way for couples to show off their unique personality. So, today, let’s talk about some of the best props that your clients can bring to their professional engagement photography session.

  • Ring Box Or Ring Dish

Well, when we are talking about engagement portrait sessions, one of the best props that your clients can bring to elevate their engagement portfolio is by bringing in ring boxes and ring dishes. Trust us, they are an excellent way for them to show off their engagement rings and elevate their engagement portfolio. These romantic props make detailed shots a bit more personalized, and they are also helpful if by chance it’s a bit complicated to set their ring down, especially on a beach! This way you will be able to capture your client along with their lovely ring to add to their engagement portfolio.

  • Their Cute and Adorable Pets

Pets always make the best props which couples can consider bringing into their engagement photography session to make the most of the session. Well, there are times when they can’t include them on their wedding day due to endless reasons, they can also make them a lovely part of their professional engagement portraits and also for the save-the-date cards. These are indeed some of the best and also most cherished ways to bring their fur babies on their big days. Your clients cannot get much more adorable than having their paw-friends scamper around or cuddle with them showing their love and affection for each other in their professional engagement photos. After all, he or she is an important part of your client’s family. You can ask your client to have a helper on the day of their professional engagement photoshoot session, in case they have to hand the leash off for a few romantic couple portraits. Last, but not least, ample treats!

  • Seasonal Accessories to Bring in The True Season Vibe

From lovely and vibrant colors to the brisk air calling for cozy and photo-worthy accessories, Mother Nature always provides the perfect backdrop for seasonal engagement photography sessions.

Best Engagement Props for The Summer Season

Not only will it look amazing in professional engagement portraits but it will also be a fun and loving experience for your couples to stage an impromptu picnic with a pretty wooden picnic basket to have the amazing summer season vibes. You can ask your client to bop a beach ball along the shore or can even ask them to pick wildflowers from rolling meadows so that you can have some of the best couple engagement moments to capture in the most stunning frames. In fact, you can also ask your couples to raise a toast to their wedding day with pretty champagne flutes on a blanket while announcing their wedding day date. These kinds of moments will not only give great photography opportunities to professional engagement photographers to document lovely and full of love-couple portraits, but they can also bring in their creativity to play along with all the props that their clients have brought for their engagement portrait session.

Best Engagement Props for The Spring Season

If your couple has chosen the month of spring for their professional engagement photo shoot session, then there are a variety of props that even mother nature has to offer to make your client’s engagement photo session a one-of-a-unique kind experience for them and even for you too. With tulips and cherry blossoms almost everywhere, spring is indeed the best time of the year for couples to have their engagement portfolio done by professional and experienced photographers. When it comes to props, your clients can consider grabbing that chunky knitted blanket and then can make themselves comfortable right in the middle of a field of springy blooms and cherishing every moment of it. They don’t need to bring in many props, as the lovely flowers will automatically add color and stunning vibrancy to their engagement portraits.

Best Engagement Props for The Fall Season

If you are planning to offer a fall engagement photography session to your clients, then the options for props are just amazing and also endless. Your client can head to their local pumpkin patch or an apple orchard and then take it all the fall feels, in their resonating flannels, of course. If they want they can bring in donuts and cider to add some extra creativity and charm to their professional engagement portraits. Trust us, being a photographer, we can assure you that you will love this kind of location for your client’s fall engagement photo session. In fact, a local pumpkin patch is also a great option when it comes to fall season engagement prop ideas. There is absolutely no denying that pumpkins are indeed great props when it comes to professional engagement photography sessions. They are the best prop for couples to write their wedding date as well as also for posing for a few ring shots. This way, you will be able to capture the true vibe of the seasons also while capturing the detailed shot of your couple’s engagement ring.

Best Engagement Props for The Winter Season

Winters are the coziest time of the year. And when we are talking about the kind of props that your client can bring to their winter engagement session then there are various options. From pretty and warm blankets to beanies to scarves, and mittens, the possibilities are just endless. If your client has decided to have an outdoor engagement session, then you can ask them to bring in their coffee mugs to add some unique and personalized touch to their engagement portfolio. Ask your couple to toast each other with hot coffee mugs or even hot chocolate to have the best of winter couple portraits. In fact, candy canes are playful, too. You can also take your client to the Christmas market, and tree farm, to have incredibly romantic and dreamy holiday-inspired engagement photos. A photography tip from us if you are going in to capture your newly engaged client in the winter season, and your client doesn’t want to carry too many props, well, in that case, you can just ask them to bring an oversized scarf that also doubles as a blanket. All the better and more romantic ways to cozy up together to capture extremely romantic winter engagement professional portraits.

  • Candles, Confetti, and Balloons To Incorporate Festive Vibe

The engagement phase is indeed the moment of celebration for all your clients. So, why not start the party early just by creating a festive vibe? Ask your couples to bring in flickering candles, bursts of confetti, and of course a bottle of bubbles all shout “cheers!”. If they want they can also bring in balloons as balloons are not only limited to birthday parties. They are festive, colorful, and just adorable props for a future Mr. & Mrs. Trust us, all these engagement props will bring up the festive vibe lively in all the professional portraits captured by professional photographers.

  • Sporting Good For Game Lover Couples

If your client is a die-hard fan of sports, and just loves every ounce of it, bringing in some sporting props is indeed a great way to showcase their personality. Ask your couple to live a life of leisure in front of the camera while you effortlessly capture all the fun in the best frames possible. You can ask your couple to either hop on a bike or slip on rollerblades to flaunt their playful side in order to have the best engagement shots for the engagement portfolio. Another amazing prop that sporty clients can consider bringing in for their engagement photography session is a baseball or a football play. You can even ask them to wear their favorite team jerseys or tees and then write their wedding dates on the balls to use as their save-the-dates card. These kinds of sporty props will surely elevate your client’s engagement photography experience and will also give your great and creative photography opportunities to document.

  • Unique Engagement Prop Ideas for Intellectual Clients

If your client is amongst those couples who love to read together while listening to some soothing music, then there are some really great and unique engagement props ideas for them too. This route offers a personal peek into your quieter interests. Love to read? Well, in that case, a library is indeed a great place for engagement photography sessions for couples who are head over heels in love with books apart from their sweethearts. The colorful spines of rows and rows of books in the backdrops never disappoint. In fact, they will add extra charm and character to lovely engagement portraits captured by professional wedding photographers.

  • Crafty Engagement Props Ideas for Creative Couples

If your client loves doing DIY and is creative by heart, then of course there have to be some unique and out-of-the-ordinary engagement props ideas for them. You can ask them to hold an empty picture frame (matching or an eclectic mix), and then fill the frame with bright and smiling faces. Or, you can even ask them to grab a single oversized frame and steal a kiss while posing for the camera. Trust us, these kinds of creative engagement photography ideas will definitely offer great engagement photography ideas for you to capture in the most stunning and unique frames possible. You can ask them to look for old frames at estate sales, or from some craft stores, and second-hand shops to make some DIY engagement props in order to bring personalized effect to their engagement photography session. Let them know that they don’t be afraid to go DIY for the props for their engagement photoshoot session.

  • Cute and Photo-worthy DIY Signs As The Props for Engagement Photography Session

Whether your client wants to go with the chalkboard or rustic reclaimed wood, custom and personalized signs are indeed a fun way for your couples to tell their unique love story. Let them be personalized with their wedding day date or with some funky and chic future titles of Mr. and Mrs., or something like that to bring creativity to the photography session. Just a simple ampersand held between your client is another sweet option for engagement prop ideas.

  • Champagne and Champagne Glasses

Your client will be celebrating the most romantic and amazing phase of their lives, after all! Let them bring two glasses and a bottle of your favorite champagne (or even wine) to toast a happy engagement and marriage. We think it will look really cool and romantic as it will give great photography opportunities to you to capture stunning engagement portraits.

  • A Hat

Hats are super duper easy props to bring and use during the engagement photography session. The big floppy hats are often the most fun but really any you and your client love will do. Floppy hats are especially great for the beach! So, if your client is planning to have an engagement session on a beach, then trust us, a hat will be one of the best props that your client can consider bringing in for their engagement photography session.

  • Bouquet of Flowers

A seasonal bouquet is indeed a fun way to add a pop of color to all your client’s engagement photos. Photographers usually love it when their brides have something to hold while they are posing in front of the camera. Let your client choose a bouquet of favorite flowers or something that will match their outfits.

In the end, all we want to say is that you need to keep reminding your client that the props for their professional engagement photo shoot session are an addition to the shoot. So, they don’t need to fret too much about them, as they will only be used for a portion of the engagement session. In fact, if they have too many props, there is a good chance that you won’t end up using all of them. So keep it simple!

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