With so many photography styles, it can be overwhelming to choose which kind of wedding photography will be best for your couple. To decide what will suit your client best, check out their Instagram to know what kind of photographs they have been posting or sharing. Doing this will give you many ideas about the style of wedding photography that you should recommend to your client for their wedding day.

Keep reading to stay updated on the most demanded, trending, and highly paid wedding photography styles. Whether you’re wondering if you should stick to one type of wedding photography or combine several techniques, this blog is for you. “The Ultimate Guide to Different Wedding Photography Styles” will help make your couple’s wedding photoshoot session a memorable and wonderful experience that they will cherish for years to come.

Traditional Wedding Photography Style

The traditional wedding photography style is a timeless classic. Yes, there are new methods of shooting, and technology is improving, but nothing can beat the timeless elegance of traditional wedding photography. These conventional wedding photographs may not be highly creative as they are generally shot at eye level with a posed couple, but trust us, they stand the test of time. Most professional photographers incorporate at least some traditional photography into their mix, especially for family and bridal party portraits after the wedding ceremony.

Fine Art Style of Wedding Photography

The fine art style of wedding photography is very similar to traditional wedding photography but has a unique twist. Fine art is all about light, bright, and airy wedding photography that is perfect for your romantic wedding day celebration. The photographs captured are usually softer and more delicate than classic digital professional photographs. The primary goal of this style of wedding photography is to gracefully narrate a story with an artistic approach. When shooting this style of wedding photography, ensure that you remain authentic to the art but unwavering to your client’s needs. This unique and popular style of wedding photography plays exceptionally well with bold and bright wedding colors. It showcases its magic in the pretty outdoor wedding setting, and all the credit goes to the natural light.

Photojournalistic Style of Wedding Photography

The photojournalistic style of wedding photography gives you flexibility and creativity to catch candid, spontaneous moments of the newlyweds, the guests, the decor, and all the action in the best possible way. Priceless examples include the bride or the groom laughing with their partner during the first dance or the bride’s best friend wiping her tears during the toast. The photojournalistic style of photography is also known as the documentary style. This type of wedding photography is all about capturing lovely in-between moments on every bride’s wedding shots list. In the journalistic style of photography, you will be able to tell the couple’s story through photographs simply by focusing less on documenting the perfect technical photo and more on capturing moments that contribute to the “mood” of the overall wedding day celebration.

Many photographers choose angles and backgrounds that make everything look at its best. Other creative photographers try to document something fundamental about the couple. A great photography tip is to search for an intimate space for group portraits. You will have more time to interact with everyone around you, and you will be able to create better moments.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Lifestyle photography is a middle ground between spontaneous and traditional photography. This photojournalistic style of photography is candid yet done with great directions and styling; your clients will love the results. A creative wedding photographer will look for moments and set the scene for the best results.

Dark & Moody Wedding Photography

If your couple is looking for dramatic photography on their wedding day, consider choosing a dark and moody style of photography. This aesthetic (also known as filtered overlay) appears dark, moody, and dramatic in reality. The tonality of photographs captured under the dark and gloomy tone of photography is altered in post-production to give the professional portraits a filtered effect. In this style, photographers capture images with shadows or harsh lines that create unusual patterns or lightning. If your couple is planning to host a bohemian-themed wedding or a quirky wedding celebration, this style of wedding photography will complement your couple’s wedding day celebration vibe perfectly. Over the last few years, our millennial couples have gravitated towards this style of photography, especially when it comes to their wedding day.

Aerial Wedding Photography Style

We understand that couples probably would not want their entire wedding day celebration shot by aerial photography. Still, drone photographs are a great add-on as they not only offer impeccable professional shots, but they are currently trending. Aerial photography for a couple’s wedding day works well for photo sessions and ceremony exits. If the couple is planning a traditional outdoor wedding celebration, they can capture the best shots of the wedding reception.

Black and White Style of Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photographs are more about editing than actual photography style. Some professional photographers use black and white cameras to produce dramatic wedding pictures. Being professional photographers, we can tell you that some photographs always speak louder when captured in black and white. Black and white photography comes down to feeling and capturing the true essence of emotion. We believe that black and white photographs can deliver more emotion than colorful pictures, especially if they are wedding photographs.

Editorial Wedding Photography Style

When it comes to incorporating editorial photography style while documenting a wedding day, imagine a personal magazine photoshoot, like something out of Vanity Fair or Vogue! This style of photography is rare when it comes to wedding photography styles. But, some couples will want a professional photo shoot, like something that appears in a fashion or a bridal magazine, full of high-end and luxurious vibes and feels.

Landscape Photography Style

Landscape photos are precisely what they sound like: photos that beautifully incorporate a landscape in the background with fantastic settings and lightning. A stunning and wonderful photography style requires a location scout before the wedding day (especially if the couple plans a destination wedding over a beach or a mountain). If the couple’s destination is not so scenic, as a photographer, you will need to find a location close by for additional photographs. But, if your couple’s wedding is in a stunning area, then perfect! Why not take advantage? The landscape wedding photographer will have ample opportunity to capture an adventurous and mystical scene with the couple as a part of the landscape image for scale and ultimate beauty.

So, summing up, every professional wedding photographer has a different style preference when it comes to documenting a wedding day. But, choosing the photography style that suits their client’s needs and fits their vision is still one of the most significant decisions a photographer needs to make. Your couple might even have their idea about wedding photography styles. Some might be more inclined to dark and moody pictures, while others prefer bright fine art shots. Being a professional photographer, you must have the skills to give whatever your couple requests on their wedding day. Professional photographers never deviate from the style that represents their specific brand. From the initial meetings, ensure you’re clear on your brand and meeting the client’s wedding photography expectations.

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