When it comes to photography, your portfolio does all the talking. Our marketing team often gets questions about what makes a portfolio shine, which is why we are excited to share our top tips that can turn your collection of work into a client magnet. Using all the wisdom and experience we’ve gathered over the years, here are some game-changing tips that can take your portfolio to the next level

High-quality photos: It’s super important to include top-notch pictures in your portfolio. Say ‘no’ to blurry, grainy, and low-res images! Hand-pick each shot to show off your incredible work and what makes you stand out. Choose JPEG image files with at least 2000 pixels on the longest side with 180 ppi or higher.

Unedited photos: When submitting photos, stick to unedited, raw images without any filters. Edited photos can make it tricky for us to add our brand style. Raw images help us make your photos shine! Ensure the images are free of borders, effects, album design pages, or diptychs.

Couple-focused photos: The couple-focused images serve as the heart of your portfolio. Whether it’s capturing stolen glances or shared laughter, couple-focused photos can transport viewers into the middle of a romantic narrative. Feel free to add some photos of the wedding party too, but remember, it’s all about keeping the couple in the spotlight.

Photojournalistic images: Incorporating photojournalistic images evokes genuine emotions. Use a variety of photojournalistic shots along with your classic posed ones and you’ve got yourself a portfolio that’s real and instantly compelling!

Best moments of the day shots: There are some one-of-a-kind moments that can really show off a photographer’s knack for capturing the most precious parts of one’s big day! Did fireworks go off as they kissed? Did the couple exchange an inside joke as they said their vows? Did the groom hold back a tear as his bride walked down the aisle? Include those wow-factor shots.

Photos with emotions: Emotions captured at the right time can make compelling pictures. Whether it is the bride tearing up as she reads a love note from the groom before the ceremony, mom getting emotional helping her into the dress, or a heartfelt speech from the maid of honor, these are the moments that evoke emotions in your portfolio and make it endearing.

Good detail shots: It’s the detail shots that capture the spirit of the occasion, from the delicate lace on the bride’s gown to the intricate icing patterns on the wedding cake. Whether it’s the subtle sparkle of the rings or the vibrant colors of the floral arrangements, including these close-up shots in your portfolio will undoubtedly enhance its appeal to potential clients. 

Good lighting and shadow images: It is crucial that the images in your portfolio showcase balanced lighting. The images should not be too bright or too dark, and the interplay of light and shadow should be perfectly balanced. This way, every shot of a sunset ceremony, intricate details of the table decor, or a star-lit reception will leave a lasting impression.

Avoid duplicates and introduce variety: Variety is key! Throw in a bunch of different wedding styles, and avoid having similar shots or poses with identical backgrounds. Include 5 to 10 weddings from the last 3 years to make sure we’ve got something for everyone. This will work like a charm and help our team put together an amazing collection that’ll wow our wide range of clients.

What Not to Include?

  • Maternity shoots, baby shoots, graduation photos, senior photoshoots, and other niche photography as they do not align with our brand.
  • Mock-bridal shoots featuring models
  • Formal posed photos from the church
  • Food pictures
  • Random guest shots

Putting together a killer portfolio is an important part of showing off your awesome skills and achievements to future customers or bosses. With a top-notch portfolio ready, you’ll have everything you need to impress your potential clients. We hope this helps! Swing by your talent portal to give your portfolio an update at any time.

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