Yes, we often speak about wedding photography and how it is important to capture a couple’s milestone moments as they enter a new phase of life. From photography types that are currently trending to all the amazing updated camera lenses, we are always in the zone of hows and whys of photography. But today we are steering clear of our daily discussion to discuss why wedding videography is equally important and what is the role of a wedding videographer in a wedding. Apart from being the happiest, a wedding day is also likely to be the busiest day of a couple’s lives. From the gorgeous wedding flowers to all the delicious reception desserts, there are too many things to take care of. Apart from the marriage, a couple is going to take away all the amazing memories in the form of precious wedding photos and videos, as the wedding day celebrations come to an end. Hence just like a wedding photographer, investing in a wedding videographer is equally important.

For many couples though, wedding videography seems like just another at the expense. They might say how you cannot hang a video on your wall. But can you hear wedding vows being exchanged in a wedding photo? Or Uncle Jack’s uncontrollable laughter at one of Dad’s silly jokes? These are precious wedding moments that deserve to be captured in both photos and videos. Each and every person a couple of hires has a role to play on their wedding day -from the wedding photographer creating the ultimate posing checklist to the videographer creating an amazing cinematic wedding film that covers every aspect of the big day from dawn to dusk.

Professional wedding videographers get to shoot precious wedding moments that you may not be able to see firsthand- like guests arriving at the wedding venue and mingling during the cocktail hour as well as how your spouse is getting ready for his or her big day. The combination of narration, scenes, and music from a wedding day can be preserved on a different level with the help of professional wedding videography. Just like roles in a marriage, a wedding videographer and photographer will complement each other’s weaknesses and strengths so that the couple gets the best of memories. This article will talk about why a couple should invest in a wedding film and why wedding videography is an important component to consider for wedding days just like professional wedding photography. Even though using a camera should be your primary method of detailed documentation, without some sort of action, what good are lights and cameras? What can you anticipate when hiring a videographer?

Who is a wedding videographer? 

On a large scale, professional videographers can be involved in large video production or cinematic films, TV commercials, and music videos. A professional videographer’s versatility can be applied to a diverse number of videos such as weddings, birthday parties, interviews, commercial videos, corporate and brand promotional video productions, and so forth.

A full day of events can be difficult to capture on a photographer’s camera, but wedding videographers can do it in a variety of ways. Do you want to play a more silent, background role on your special day? Or do you want a close-up encounter as you go about your day? Or both combined? Of course, a lot will depend on the couple’s expectations for the finished product, but as a videographer, you will have your own personal preferences and style. For instance, a videographer might turn a rainy day into the best photo prop without even anybody expecting it. Some will require the couple to carry out specific tasks, like reading aloud a letter to one another into a microphone, while others will only require them to observe from the sidelines. In order to avoid being taken by surprise on the big day, it’s crucial to go over the expectations with your clients in advance.

What is the biggest reason for booking wedding videography? 

Planning for a wedding takes a lot of couples’ time, energy, and money. It’s one of the most important times in their lives, so it’s crucial that they spend money on professionals who can help them keep the memories of that day alive. Speaking from personal experience, couples usually spend over a year planning their wedding, but when the big day finally arrives, the time goes by very quickly. Even after the big wedding day, the couple will most likely feel the need to repeatedly relive those once-in-a-lifetime moments, despite their best efforts to enjoy every moment as it occurred.

What are some of the videography equipment? 

The type of videographer your choices will affect what they bring to your wedding. Are you used to shooting without a tripod? Do you like to scout photogenic locations for your videos on your own? You should expect more equipment and cutting-edge products if the services and packages are considered premium. The majority of wedding videographers use at least two cameras: one fixed, set up on a tripod to capture the entirety of your ceremony, and one handheld to capture various perspectives of particular shots and moments. They might even be more if they have an assistant. They might even use a drone if they are feeling especially creative!

Lighting in photography and videography plays one of the most important roles. In case the reception venue or other locations have poor lighting, apart from your standard cameras you may also bring microphone attachments and external light. Despite these videography accessories, it’s typical for a videographer to bring extra lighting and sound gear. You should also bring protective gear for your video cameras just in case of bad weather conditions. Even if the wedding venue doesn’t have speakers or a sound system, you can ask the couple to wear a small, wireless lav microphone during the wedding ceremony so the audio of the vows can be captured by the cameras. These mics, which are typically very covert, are essential for ensuring that your vows are recorded with excellent sound quality.

What should you ask as a videographer? 

You should meet with your couples during the initial consultation to get to know them better, learn more about their wedding visions, and discuss what they would like to see in their wedding film. Additionally, you can also send them an online questionnaire to complete in order to learn more about their wedding day and to get any additional information they may have. Knowing what matters most to them can give you a better understanding of how you should be documenting their day and creating their wedding film. You can also make it a point to go over the process and shooting style with your clients.

Any creative suggestions the couples may have should be welcomed by you as their wedding videographer. You should encourage your client to communicate with you if there are any specific shots they would like to try or songs they would really like to have in their wedding film. You may also take your clients’ suggestions into account when choosing songs, but let them know that you will be using songs that can be legally licensed for copyright purposes.

Why should you hire a wedding videographer as a couple? 

While wedding photography can capture your wedding day, videography goes a step further in preserving memories. The smiles, tears, hugs, kisses, laughs, dances, decorations, vows, and wedding speeches can all be captured on video in a truly one-of-a-kind way. For this reason, it’s crucial to select a wedding videography package that completely matches your ideal scenario for your special day. Your wedding day is only a single day, despite months or even years of planning. This day moves by quickly and exhilaratingly like a summer storm. It is absolutely necessary to hire a professional wedding photographer because of the fleeting nature of wedding days. But if a single wedding photo can convey a thousand words, how many can a live-action moment convey?

The best ways to relive, or even see from a more present perspective, the details that made a special day extraordinary, are the subtleties of speech and movement that are captured on film. If you are a couple who is reading this, read this to understand why you should hire a professional videographer for your big day.

  • It goes in a jiffy: “Wow, that went by so fast,” we say to one another after every wedding, and the happy couple agrees! All that remains after the big day is over are the memories of a perfect day that passed too quickly. However, hiring a wedding videographer enables you to relive your memorable day indefinitely.
  • Relive your wedding ceremony from a third-person perspective: The ceremony is without a doubt the most special aspect of your big day. The meaningful wedding vows that get exchanged during the wedding ceremony are among its best wedding moments. Two people formally promise to love and cherish one another forever at this point. It’s possible that while you are mingling with the guests, you won’t notice your parents dancing side by side. However, a videographer can record these special moments so you can relive them as though you were actually there and take in even more than you did on your wedding day. It is absolutely essential to have a videographer present to record those priceless words because it enables you to forever relive the feelings of that incredible moment. It’s so special to hear the words you spoke to your spouse years ago! You will get a complete picture of your event by having a videographer there, and that’s priceless.
  • Detailed capture of feelings: On top of filming every second, your wedding videographer will also document every feeling you experienced on your wedding day. A wedding day is enhanced by the special and lovely addition of wedding films! While we think that wedding photography is very important, we also know that wedding films can capture a variety of emotions, giving you the best of both worlds!
  • Invest in the sound and movement: Wedding videography captures both movement and sound in addition to providing a picture of a specific moment in time. You can hear your spouse’s gasp as you orchestrate your first look, as well as your dad’s toast and your mother’s laughter if you have a wedding film. You will be able to watch your first dance, your first kiss as newlyweds, and your grandmother’s incredible dancing. Using a drone, you might even be able to see your wedding venue from above. Even though still wedding photos can be stunning and artistic, they cannot capture motion or sound, which makes a wedding video essential.
  • For all the cinematic moments: It’s crucial to work with a skilled wedding videographer who will not only record the uncut footage of your special day but also edit it into a moving film, frequently set to music, that will accurately depict the events of your wedding from the beginning to end. It’s the closest thing to reliving your wedding day, and looking at it will most definitely make you laugh and cry at the same moment.
  • For the sake of sharing: Wedding videos can now be uploaded by videographers to websites like YouTube or Instagram. This makes it simple for you to send your wedding video to loved ones. Short videos that you can share on social media might also be created by your videographer. It makes hiring a videographer perfect for those planning intimate or destination weddings because you can make absent family and friends feel as though they were present.

How will the videographer work with your photographer? 

How your wedding videographer and photographer will coordinate their needs throughout the day is something you may not have thought about. Making sure you introduce them to one another before the ceremony or as soon as you can on the wedding day is a great idea. They can talk about what they need to do in order to cooperate effectively at your event because they have time to do so. Don’t be surprised if they do step aside and have that conversation because having a great working relationship and communication skills will be beneficial for everyone since they are both trying to capture important visual elements of your day.

How far in advance should you book your wedding videographer? 

If your wedding is taking place during the busy season, you should try to book your videographer eight to twelve months in advance to secure the date. You can book them closer during the off-peak season. Always remember communication is the key. It’s critical to specify in advance if there is anything unusual or particularly significant that you know you would like footage of, such as specific family members or as much footage of the dancing as possible. Almost every videographer will be happy to collaborate with you to make those crucial arrangements, but if they are unaware of your preferences, they won’t be on the lookout for those things!

From creating the perfect wedding timeline from a videographer’s POV to the setting of an ideal timeline from our wedding photographer’s POV, both wedding photographers and videographers come together to create an experience that is unparalleled. The field of videography has changed a lot over the years as technology and innovation have evolved a lot in the digital space. From coming up with creative tips for clearer videography audio to all the never-ending adventures for capturing strong emotions and extraordinary moments, the ingenuity and creativity of a videographer can only enhance his portfolio. As a wedding videographer, you would usually meet the couple before their wedding day to assess their needs and come up with a solid wedding videography plan.

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